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Frau mit Sommersprossen

Top manager 
Board member
Supervisory board member


​“Woman, you are exactly right.

Build on your strengths

and go your way."
- Katharina

Female bust

You are too fast, too bold, too extravagant, too adjusted, too demanding, too open, too closed, too...

What else actually?

Femininity also means finding inner peace. To be clear and focused and to go your own way. 

In order to be successful in the long term, you need a healthy ego.

I accompany you as a woman in making your next step. Whether from your actual management position to the next level, to the board or supervisory board or to your own entrepreneurship. 

Now it's your turn. 


womanality & individuality - Recognize and solve old patterns
Authenticity & visibility - Resolve fears and fill spaces

Compatibility & Being a woman - Make space and learn to love ego
Clarity & Further development - Focus and effective vision

Own the Room - Rhetoric and presence

We take enough time for our first introductory conversation. You get to know me and I can get an idea of your topics.

Often new anchors emerge during a coaching process and you begin to understand what still separates you from your new flexibility. 

I will then create a timetable for your individual path and we will define the time period.

Whatever blocks your authenticity, you will find it. Sometimes looking back is healing, sometimes it's looking forward. 

You get to know your potential and create new resources. 

If everything fits, I look forward to working with you!


My offer 

Frau arbeitet

Personal branding

Imagine being the expert in your field and everyone knowing it.

4 coaching units with the aim of making your competence visible. We analyze your current status and work on your goals. 

Your values and skills become visible to the outside world. 

You can see the expert in you!  

Career & promotion coaching

Your next position is already waiting for you? 

Then let's work on it. With your clear message and trust in yourself and your abilities, you will achieve every goal. 6 coaching units bring out your strengths and position you. You analyze your team, are safe and planned. 

Workshop on the topic

 Personal development in leadership.  


Are you looking for tailored support for your onboarding, promotion to board level or clear positioning on the supervisory board? 

Together we will clarify what your goals are and I will create your personal offer. 

Also for companies to promote female employees. 

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