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Tanzende Frauen
Heroes for heroes

...because heroes grow together.

Nice that you're here!

I'm glad that you browsed Heroes for Heroes and chose me as your coach. You followed your first impulse and listened to your heart to finally seek support. Mega!

You are always 100% valuable because you are you.  


I can support you with this:

Are you looking for your visions and values that define you as a young woman? Do you finally want to say goodbye to the prejudices against your ability and your body? Discover the love for your personality.  You are wonderful and you will achieve great things if you stand up for yourself. 

Together we will give your inner and outer style an upgrade.

Because strong women know their style and go their own way.

I am a hero because:


I believe that every strong young woman is a role model for many others.

I know that there is potential in you that you don't yet know. 

My values are authenticity, appreciation, creativity and freedom. Away from comparisons and towards your authentic lifestyle. 

As a make-up artist, stylist, hairdresser & I trust Coach’s intuition. If you follow your heart you will always reach your personal goal. 

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How is the coaching going now?

Step 1:

You think: “That could work with Katharina?”

Then write me oneMail, or get in touchby telephone me for an introductory conversation.

We'll chat for 15-20 minutes and you decide for yourself whether it's a good fit.

If not, you have made a great step for yourself and I have met a great personality.

Step 2:

If you decide on coaching, you can look forward to 90 minutes with me as a hero at your side. We will meet via Zoom, or if you live in the Cologne area, face2face. If the weather is good, you can also go for a walk along the Rhine.  You decide what feels better.  I will send you the zoom link in advance.

In your coaching you determine your topics. I accompany you and support you with questions, models and theses in finding your answers.

Step 3:

After your coaching, I would be happy to check in with you again after 2 weeks to see how you are doing with your experiences.

I look forward to a short phone call with you, in which you will also have space for your thoughts, wishes and questions. You are always 100% valuable. It's great that you're there!

Of course, if you are not yet of age, I also need your parents' consent for you to work with me.

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